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The Wonders Of High Technology

The Wonders Of High Technology

How To Operate The Amazon Kindle

Operating an Amazon Kindle reader is easy but the following basic tips will make using the device even easier. The Kindle can also be used for basic web browsing and listening to music. The following tips deal only with downloading and reading articles or books.


Turn on the Amazon Kindle by moving the switch, located in the back of the reader, up. You will see the On and Off buttons.


To turn the Kindle off slide the switch to the Off position.


To read a stored Kindle selection, select the Menu button.


From Menu slide the button upward to Home. Depress the the white button. A selection of stored books and related reading material will be shown.


Move the white selection button to what you would like to read.


Once the selection is made, depress the white roller button. Your chosen selection will open to the first page of the book or article; or to the last page read. Other options inside the book or article include Go to Cover which takes you to the cover of the book; Go to Beginning which takes you to the start of the book; Go to Location which will you to select a page to read; Add Bookmark which will allow you to save a location.


To change the font size for a book or article select the Text button on the keyboard. The Text button has both a smaller and large “A” on the keyboard button.


A floating menu will appear on the screen. Select the text size by moving the white roller button among the selections. Depress the button once you have selected the correct font. The Kindle will then return to the original page you were reading after the selection is made.


Turn the Whispernet button on. The button is located in the back next to the On button.


To purchase documents once again return to the menu. Depress the white roller button when you select Shop in Kindle Store.


Select the article or book of your choice using the white roller button.


Purchase the item.


Your purchase is downloaded using Whispernet.


Use the roller button to select Check for New Items.


Open your new selection and start reading using the tips given.

Building an Xbox 360 Laptop

Building an Xbox 360 laptopXBox 360… Console blueprints for the future. Get Sky, play DVDs, watch online videos, play games, play ONLINE games, interact with each other’s avatars in arcades and use messenger. So many things you can do with the XBox 360… So naturally, someone will need to know how to make an XBox 360 portable so that you can play it on the go :)

Well, as possible as it is, the sacrifices you’d have to make to achieve such a goal make this a VERY short-term commitment. Read the steps to understand the system behind XBox 360 Laptops. Here are the steps on how:


As far as I’m aware. There is no such thing as an XBox 360 that is 100% portable. There has been some custom mods to XBoxes to allow them to fit a 5″ screen on to them. And as entertaining as this prospect is, the main issues at hand are power, and heat.


HEAT!!! Now, as I’m sure we’re ALL aware, a power pack generates sometimes rediculously high amounts of heat. You could fry an english breakfast off one sometimes. So this, alone, indicates that consoles require a huge amount of electricity to function… Ever wonder why your electric bill is so large? And let alone that, you also have to consider the fact of the E73 error and red-rings of death. These are common symptoms experienced by XBox 360 related to over-heating of the console. 2 measely fans on the back and 2 heat sinks REALLY doesn’t cut it for a console that can be used for so long. Granted, the consoles can last a good few months of solid playing, but in the end, dust settles and the console itself starts to get weaker in performance and speed. So if you were to cramp an XBox 360 into a laptop, you’d need some serious fan-power. Hell, even some liquid cooling.


POWER!!!!! This is where the electricity factor comes into play. An XBox power pack is reducing a full blast of electricity to a 240v surge. You would have to have a rechargable powerpack to attach to the laptop, but even THEN, you’d still have a MASSIVE workload and a large chance of running out quickly. Plus, once again, the heat-factor. A rechargable battery of that size could generate a MASSIVE amount of heat that could potentially melt the console if not contained… And I doubt you’d want that sitting near your nads sending out Microwaves and causing sterility.


It’s a fantastic idea to have a console in laptop-form. Charge it at the full price for a laptop and it works. But the maintenance costs would be too high, the company would need to do tonnes of R&D to contain the heat and reduce the power, it would need an interface with the battery to allow you to save your game before you quit and all the lovely accessories that XBox 360 and Microsoft have to offer would need to be installed. It’s a hefty bill to pay but if you’re willing to give it a try, I say, why not?

How to Become Tech Savvy

Learn how to become tech savvyAn easy-to-follow guide on how to become comfortable cool and “savvy” with technology. Here are the steps to follow:


Use Google. Google is your friend. If you have a question about something or need to research a certain topic, search using Google.


Find info about Computers. Find info about computers. Info can be in E-books, on websites, or even in books you can find at your local library. As it says in the last tip use Google to find them. Also you might want to use Usenet to find some info about computers.


Be knowledgeable in many fields. For example, you may never need or want to pick up a digital camera or be able to answer questions about it but it is worth your while to get an understanding of what a digital camera is because it increases your know-how. Everything you learn will come in handy at some point in your life.


Become an expert. What is something technology-related that interests you and that you enjoy? Say it’s blogging using WordPress; research the topic and get to know how to use things first hand.


Learn how to treat computer Viruses, Spyware, and And learn how to avoid Malware. Some great Anti-Virus/Spyware programs are Avast, Malwarebytes, Spybot, AVG, and Spyhunter. There are many Anti-Virus/Spyware programs out there, and some are free.


Learn How to Program. Programming is one of the most important skills in technology, if no one could program there would be no world wide web or even Windows! We wouldn’t even have video games, Mp3 players, or just about anything else electronic. (We would still have lights, of course.) Some programming languages are Python (Recommended for beginners), C, C++, C#, Java and PHP. You can learn some programming at websites all over the web. If you want to start programming, try HTML. There are some very nice tutorials at http://www.w3schools.com/


Use a Unix or Linux The Unix family of operating systems are very common with some of the most tech savvy people in the world. This family of operating systems is free, in there price and you are free to view the source code used in them. In these families of operating systems there is also better programming tools and better technical tools than what you can find on windows. A easy distribution of Linux for people who are new to Linux is the Ubuntu Linux Distribution, It can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com


Join an online community of other tech gurus and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

How to Take Care of Xbox 360 Games

Taking Care Of Your Kinect GamesNot taking care of your Xbox 360 games can lead to making the game not playable and a waste of money. Here’s a guide to help preventing that. Here are the steps on caring your Xbox 360 Games:


Avoid moving the Xbox console when there is a game inside. Doing this may damage both items if not taken carefully.


Be sure that the games are properly placed in their case if you are not using them. Don’t put them in random places or on top of other electronics, as this may damage the games more. Store the games in room temperature since very hot or cold surroundings can also damage them.


Know where your games are at all times. Lending games to friends or other people may end up having your games lost or stolen. Games aren’t that cheap, so you’ll need huge trust to those who have your games.


Learn how to fix error messages. If you get the “Disk is Unreadable” message, do not open the disk drive. Power the console off and on after five seconds.

How to Activate Voice Command on Kinect

Activating Voice Command On KinectIn addition to standard controller based games, the X-box now has a fully hands-free aspect. This is done through use of the Kinect device, which captures gamer’s movements and allows them to interact with the X-Box without the use of a standard controller. Through the Kinect one can browse websites, watch videos and play an array of video games. The Kinect also offers a wide array of other functions. Follow these steps to activate Voice Command on your X-Box Connect:


Connect your X-Box. Make sure the X-Box is plugged into a power outlet. Then connect the X-Box to your television set by way of a VGA Audio Visual cord, Component Audio Visual cord or HDMI cord.


Connect the Kinect to your X-Box. The Kinect does not need another power supply, but uses power directly from the X-Box via the special Kinect cord. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around when operating the Kinect.


Turn on your X-Box and your television. Your X-Box will need to install updates. Make sure they are all installed before attempting to use the Kinect.


Activate your Kinect. This is done by waving your hand at the Kinect sensor. Make sure you are three to eight feet back from the controller to get a good reading. Hands-free control is now operational.


Say “X-BOX” in a loud, clear voice. A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with a list of voice commands to use.


Say “Open Tray” in a loud, clear voice. The disc tray will open. “Close Tray” will close the tray. A voice command option will appear below each individual selection on your home screen. Repeat the command to choose the selection.


Try a few more voice commands to get a feel for them. The X-Box will respond as long as the bar is visible at the bottom of the screen. If the bar is not visible, simply say “X-BOX” and it will reappear.


Use Voice Command to play movies and listen to music. This can be done using Zune, Last FM, ESPN, and Netflix. Select a video or audio clip using your hand. To choose the next clip, say “X-Box Next”. To return to the previous clip, say “X-Box Previous”. You can pause any clip by saying “X-Box Pause” and restart it using “X-Box Play”.

How to Change Your Avatar on Xbox Kinect

Kinect AvatarMicrosoft Kinect is a device that enables you to play games on the Xbox 360 using motion detection. The avatar (image or icon representing a player) that is used with Kinect is the same as the avatar used by the Xbox device that it is connected to. Hence, in order to change avatar in Kinect you must change your Xbox player icon.


Turn on your Xbox console and wait for the main page to appear.


Click on “My Xbox” from the menu on the left.


Select your current avatar.


Go to “Customize Avatar.”


Edit your avatar features by clicking on “Change My Features.” You can click on the images that represent different parts of the avatar to select from the further options that appear. Xbox allows you to change the following features.

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Skin color
  • Freckles
  • Nose type
  • Lip type
  • Chin type
  • Height


Return to the Customize Avatar page. You can press the red “B” button on your controller to go back.


Change your avatar’s fashion style. You can select “Change My Style” from the Customize Avatar page to change your avatar’s clothing, makeup and fashion accessories using the available options.


See if there are items that you have won. The “Awards” link on the Customize Avatar page shows won items that can be applied to change your avatar’s appearance.


Buy more items to add more options. You can go to the Xbox Marketplace using the “Marketplace” link on the Customize Avatar page. The Xbox Marketplace offers props, clothing and fashion accessories that can be added to your avatar.


Make a completely new avatar by clicking on “Choose New Avatar.” This will take you through an on-screen step-by-step procedure asking you to select various new options for your avatar.or your avatar.

How to Access Kinect Pictures

Accessing Kinect PicturesThe Microsoft Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. In addition to standard controller based games, the Xbox now has a fully hands-free aspect. This is done through use of the Kinect device, which captures gamers’ movements and allows them to interact with the Xbox without the use of a standard controller. Through the Kinect one can browse websites, watch videos, and play an array of video games. Many of the Kinect games will take pictures of players in action to view later on. Follow these steps to access Kinect Pictures.


Steps on how:


Connect your Xbox. Make sure the Xbox is plugged into a power outlet. Then connect the Xbox to your television set by way of a VGA Audio Visual cord, Component Audio Visual cord, or HDMI cord.


Connect the Kinect to your Xbox. The Kinect does not need another power supply, but uses power directly from the Xbox via the special Kinect cord. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around when operating the Kinect.


Turn on your Xbox and your television. Your Xbox will need to install updates. Make sure they are all installed before attempting to use the Kinect.


Activate your Kinect. This is done by waving your hand at the Kinect sensor. Make sure you are three to eight feet back from the controller to get a good reading. Hands-free control is now operational.


Sign in to Xbox using your LIVE gamer tag.


Select your Xbox LIVE avatar under My Xbox.


Go to Online Safety.


Select Change Settings.


Select Customize.


Select Kinect Sharing. Now your Kinect pictures will be able to be posted on the online Kinect database


Play a Kinect game. Most games have a feature which will take a snapshot of you as you go through the motions, performing whatever activity is necessary. When you are finished with a round or game, the game will show you your pictures.


Edit your pictures. If the game does have picture option, there will be a button which allows you to view your pictures. Browse through these and delete those that you dislike or find embarrassing.


Share your pictures online. Click on the Share Pictures button. You will now be able to select which pictures you would like to share on Kinect


Go to Kinect on your computer.


Sign in to Kinect Share using your Windows Live I.D. and password. There will be several icons for each different game you have played which features picture capability. Under the icon and game name will be a thumbnail of your pictures.


Click on the game name. You will now see a full range of thumbnails of all pictures you chose to share on Kinect Share. Use the links on the right hand side of the screen to share the pictures on social media sites, download, or print them.

Making a Smart Car Surveillance System Using a Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone SurveillanceInstead of purchasing a fancy car alarm that’ll go off in the middle of the night when a bird flies by and annoy the whole neighborhood, you can protect your car with a simple mobile phone and the following set-up.


1. Choosing a mobile phone for the system Get a GSM mobile phone which has auto-answer and mute functions. It should have good reception and a perfect microphone. The ones with small external antennae are the most suitable.


2. Noting the IMEI number Take down the IMEI Number of your mobile phone. This number is usually printed inside the battery compartment, located beneath the battery of the mobile phone. Detach the battery to find it. Alternately, you can get this number displayed on the screen by dialing *#06# on the keypad of the mobile phone. If you are not sure, seek help from the vendor.


3. Getting a new mobile connection Buy a new post-paid mobile connection. Any plan which would ensure a long-term reliable connection, with wide coverage and roaming facility would suffice. Choose the most economic plan available since the connection will be rarely used. Keep the mobile number to yourself.


4. Mounting the SIM Card Mount the SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) in the mobile phone and test whether the connection is working well.


5. Making the phone quiet Mute the phone by removing its speaker. If you choose not to remove the speaker, make sure to turn off the speaker phone, ring tones and alerts. Also, turn off the screen light and vibration options. The idea is to make it totally silent and quiet.


6. Settings Switch on the auto-answer and Automatic Network Search options in the mobile phone. Enable the PIN (Personal Identification Number) feature. Lock the keyboard of the mobile phone.


7. Mounting the system in your car Get a suitable car-mobile charger. Connect the 12 volt input of the charger to the car battery, with some wires. For connecting, soldering the wires together is the best method. Keep in mind that the 12V cigarette lighter plug will contain electronics to convert the 12V car voltage to the phone voltage. Cutting the wire and connecting the phone directly to the 12V battery – like the video below suggests – means you that the phone gets 12V instead of the lower voltage (like 5V) and will most likely destroy your phone. Connect the output pin of the charger to the mobile phone. Now, mount the mobile phone and the mobile charger securely behind the dashboard or some other inconspicuous place inside the car. Both should be smartly hidden.


8. Testing the connections Test the installation by calling to the mobile installed inside the car from another phone. The auto-answer feature should work. Ask a person to get inside the car and to keep on speaking some thing. You should be able to hear him clearly speaking over the other phone. If that is accomplished, your Smart Car Surveillance System is properly installed.


9. What to do when you find your car is missing When your car is found missing, immediately report to the police and inform your mobile network. Tell them about your Smart Car Surveillance System, the phone number and IMEI number. They’ll be able to track down the culprits easily, basing upon the location of the GSM tower which acquires the signals transmitted from the mobile phone. Remember to tell the network not to block the SIM, which they would normally do, whenever a mobile phone is reported stolen. All the way, you can hear the car thieves talking to each other and that too can give you helpful hints to track them.


10. Maintenance Test the system once in a while to ensure it is working properly.


Things you will need:

  • GSM Mobile Phone
  • Car-Mobile Charger
  • Multimeter to test connections
  • Soldering Iron, Solder, Wires and Insulation Tape
  • Clamps, Screws, Screw Driver and Strong Resin
  • A reliable Post-Paid Mobile Connection.

Choosing the best Car GPS Navigation

GPSGPS Navigation systems help us where we can navigate each of our possible direction in street, highways, restaurants, in cities and many other directions. GPS systems should be chosen carefully so that you get the best system for less. Just follow these steps for the best results:


Determine how much you want to spend on an in-dash GPS system for your auto, based on your personal financial situation. This will help you narrow down your choices in GPS systems, and setting a spending limit. It will help consumers avoid over-spending when buying a GPS navigation system.


List portable GPS navigation system features that you’re seeking, like the United States map in details, voice guidance, a small color screen, touch screen, mounting suction cup, Bluetooth capabilities for use as a hands-free cell phone accessory and power adapter. This kind of in dash GPS navigation system is suitable for occasional use. They are very basic and will be able to assist you during driving.


Visit as many online retailers or visit a few nearby stores as you want to look at the available GPS navigation systems. When shopping for GPS navigation units, look for units that fit your established criteria. Write down price, features, GPS brand and GPS model name/number of each navigation unit that fits the criteria that you established for purchasing your new GPS navigation system.


Consider the need of a compass in the GPS. A major drawback of the in dash GPS navigation system is the lack of an internal compass, accelerometer or a device used to measure the car’s speed. Without this feature, it does not navigate as accurately as a build-in GPS system when there is no GPS signal. If you live in an area where there are a lot of tunnels, high rises, or uses the GPS very frequently, it is important to buy a more sophisticated portable GPS system that has a build-in accelerometer.


Decide which GPS system you will purchase based on the price, features and your hobby. Then purchase the GPS navigation system unit at the store or online retailer.

BlueAnt S3 Sense Handsfree Car Kit

BlueAnt S3 Sense Handsfree Car Kit The BlueAnt Sense Speakerphone is a visor-mounted car speakerphone that combines ease of use with great sound and advanced features

  • The Sense Speakerphone is a visor-mounted car speakerphone that combines ease of use with great sound and advanced features. As soon as you turn on the S3 the embedded audio help will talk you through everything needed to get you up and running. Installation is as simple as clipping the device onto your car sun visor.
  • The Sense also comes fitted with a vibration sensor that detects when you get back in the car and automatically reconnects to your phone to ensure that you are always hands-free on the go. Once installed and connected, the Sense will announce the names of incoming callers so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road to know who is calling.
  • Simply say the word “Answer” or “Ignore” to respond. With voice dialing over Bluetooth, one tap of the Sense will allow you to make calls using your voice (if your phone supports voice dialing over Bluetooth).
  • The BlueAnt Sense provides best-in-class sound with rich audio quality. The high performance speaker and integrated digital signal processing technology deliver clear calls with loud, booming audio even in difficult conditions.
  • The Sense also features built-in A2DP functionality so you can hear podcasts, streaming music or GPS turn-by-turn directions from applications on your phone played back through your BlueAnt device (if your phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile).

A blue ant, according to the Wikipedia entry, is not a blue ant at all. It is a solitary wasp sometimes known as a flower wasp and is native to parts of Australia. BlueAnt Wireless on the other hand, is a wireless communications company specializing in high-quality Bluetooth mobile devices and is also native to Australia. The BlueAnt S3 Compact Car Speakerphone is BlueAnt’s latest Bluetooth speakerphone. The S3′s big brother, the S4, is widely considered to be the best and most advanced Bluetooth speakerphone on the market today. To make sure the S4 didn’t grow up an only child, BlueAnt gave birth to the S3 Compact. Most people do not even realize that if you’re on a speaker phone and drive a non-insulated service van. The voice command responds well and the on/off switch is a great idea over the last version. Great speaker volume and range.

It is available at Dick Smith online store for $79 but there is another online store offer the same product like in www.amazon.com for $48.21 with free shipping to Australia, US or internationally.

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